New Runewords in Diablo II patch 2.4
Diablo II Resurrected - 2024-02-17 14:45:50
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An overview of the new Diablo II patch 2.4 runewords
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Diablo 2: Resurrected’s patch 2.4 featured a number of changes regarding runewords. Firstly, they’ve added several new ones that were partly brought to life from old, datamined Diablo 2 files. Secondly, they have made changes to several, already existing ones, in order to increase build diversity among player characters and mercenaries.
In this article, we’re going to look into a few of the new additions, and who they might be useful to.


The first new RW that we’re looking at is Wisdom (Pul+Ith+Eld).
Wisdom can be placed in helmets, and seeing the runes it consists of, it is relatively easy to get by the end of Nightmare difficulty. 
What it offers is a huge amount of utility and quality of life bonuses for mostly ranged attack builds, but arguably even melee characters. 
Cannot Be Frozen is a stat that most players consider to be a must-have, yet so far we haven’t been spoiled for options as to where to get it.
Most of the “meta” options have been Raven Frost, Trang-Oul’s Girth in the waist slot, or for online characters making use of trading, simply socketing a relatively inexpensive Cham rune into a unique, rare, or set helmet. All of these options have downsides, and naturally, Wisdom does too, but having more options never hurts.
Wisdom also pretty much solves every attack build’s mana issues single-handedly, by tackling the issue from 4 directions at once. It provides a good amount of Mana Leech, Mana After Each Kill, Damage Taken Goes to Mana, and even a bonus +10 to Energy on top.
Finally, adding up to +25% to Attack Rating, and making 1/3 of the character’s attacks pierce, it’s hard to pass up for its price.

    Flickering Flame

Another new RW for helms is Flickering Flame (Nef+Pul+Vex). This one fills the niche of being essentially the runeword variant of Griffon’s Eye and Nightwing’s Veil – for characters dealing fire damage.
Offering +3 to Fire Skills and -10-15% to Enemy Fire Resistance, FF provides a significant damage increase, and it comes with a few great defensive mods as well.
A built-in Resist Fire aura not only increases Fire Resistance by 85-106%, but it also raises the wielder’s maximum FR by up to +8. On top of that, the runeword provides an additional +5 max. Fire Resistance as well.
We can also find Half Freeze Duration and 50% reduction in Poison Length on this RW, both of these being solid if not amazing QoL improvements.
All in all, while Flickering Flame might not be as good as the trusty ol’ Shako for general use, at least Fire Druids will still like it, since it can be placed in Druid Pelts with an innate +3 bonus to Armageddon, Fire Claws, or Fissure.


One of the most interesting new runewords is Obsession (Zod+Ist+Lem+Lum+Io+Nef) for staves.
On the surface, it might seem a bit superfluous, as it is essentially a Spirit sword and shield combined into a staff – so why pay extra Zod and Ist runes to get a very similar benefit?
In reality, however, Obsession has a few extra mods that we cannot find on the sword and board pairing, and comes with a few hidden benefits as well.
Firstly, we have an extra +15-25% Maximum Life, which is a fairly noticeable bonus.
Additionally, it provides +30% to Magic Find and +75% to Gold Find from the runes it’s made up, which is not insignificant for PvE players. 
Compared to a double Spirit setup, Obsession has a few definite downsides (losing out on some Mana, Life, and Faster Hit Recovery), but at least the +All Resistances stat that it provides will not leave a big hole in our Fire Resistance like the Spirits.
The biggest advantage of Obsession, however, is that it can be placed into an ethereal Archon Staff (or even its exceptional and normal variants). This means that a Strength stat of 24 is enough to wield it, as opposed to the 156 that a Monarch requires, which frees up a lot of stat points to make up for the loss in Life and Mana.
Moreover, staves can spawn with up to +3 to up to 3 different Sorceress Skills, which could result in much more damage than even a HoTO+Spirit setup, given the right base.


Briefly, we’d also like to mention Mist (Cham+Shael+Gul+Thul+Ith), a new runeword for bows and crossbows.
Featuring a Level 8-12 Concentration Aura, +3 To All Skills, a solid Enhanced Damage roll up to 375%, 20% IAS & Attack Rating, and a few defensive stats like 40% to All Resistances and 24 to Vitality, it’s a solid all-round pick for Bowazons.
Although it doesn’t have the Fanaticism Aura of Faith, nor does it completely ignore the target’s defense, it is also much cheaper on, due to Cham being a fraction of the cost of a Jah. 
At the same time, it’s probably the best option for Amazons interested in trying out the newly buffed elemental bow & crossbow skills, such as Freezing Arrow or Immolation Arrow. Better yet, not particularly favoring either of these damage types, Mist is great for Amazons opting for a split cold/fire setup.

In conclusion, these new runewords seem to be great additions to the game. 
Their power levels aren’t quite so high that they would break the metagame, but they are solid choices with notable upsides and downsides compared to their current alternatives. Moreover, most of them are aimed at underperforming and underrepresented character builds, with the aim of bringing them some much-needed love.

Diablo II Resurrected
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