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FIFA 24 - 2024-06-11 01:00:24
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FC 24 Ultimate Team - or FUT as its abbreviation - is all about building our dream team of footballers, by various methods, like opening card packs or buying them directly on the Transfer Market. All players in FUT come in different rarities - bronze, silver or gold - and more or less reflect their real-world abilities with the overall ratings they have. But even if we buy the best players available, just like in real life - they will need to learn to work together to achieve the best results - this is called Team Chemistry, and it increases the more these players play alongside each other.

As mentioned above, we can acquire players in several methods. By completing different challenges - Squad Building Challenges or SBCs - we can earn unique rewards if we build a squad that meets specific criterias. These criterias are usually about the average rating of the team, team chemistry, or player rarity for example. When we complete these challenges, we can get Consumables, specific player cards, or Player Packs. Another method for acquiring players is purchasing Packs for in-game currency, or FIFA points. While the cards we get from these Packs is completely random, we have a chance to get the best players for a lower price. We can also buy specific player cards from other users through the Transfer Market, a so-called in-game Auction House - by using virtual coins we earned through playing. 

Once we built our team, we can play in various offline and online game modes, including Squad Battles, where we play against AI controlled squads built by other users, or the Division Rivals, where we compete against others to earn rewards based on our performance. FUT Champions is also available as the most competitive mode, for which we need to qualify through Division Rivals to enter.

Earning the in-game currency, the FUT Coin is achieved by playing the game itself, or selling players we don't need on the Transfer Market. The most effective method for building our dream team is to use all available methods - Transfer Market, SBCs and the player Packs - rather than just relying solely on our luck by opening Packs, since several of the mentioned rewards are guaranteed.

FUT 24 also introduced female players for the first time, expanding both the strategic possibilites and player pool, but the biggest change from FUT 23 is called Ultimate Team Evolutions. This allows us to customize and train the players we have in our club, leveling them up and making them better than their base abilities, adding new skill moves, change their visuals to reflect their improved abilites, or even improve their weak foot usage as a fine-tuning. 

Ultimate Team Evolutions is a game-changing new system that offers a lot more control over how we build our squad compared to the previous installments of FIFA - we select a player we want to improve, assign them to an Evolution Slot - we have limited number of these - and pick an Evolution Path. After this we complete so-called Evolution Challenges, which are usually about achieving specific obectives with the chose player, or the entire squad - for example scoring a goal or winning a match. Once we complete these challenges, our chosen player will get a permanent upgrade according to the chose Evolution path. As our player evolves, their appearance might also change to reflect their improved abilites - for example new shin guards or boots.

There are a few key points to remember when playing around with Evolutions though - the most important is that once we assign a player to an Evolution slot, we will not be able to trade it anymore, so think carefully before committing them. Some Evolutions might also have a time limit to complete them which we also need to factor in when choosing. Considering which player will benefit the most from Evolutions is also crucial, since everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, EA did a great job shaking up FUT with the addition of Evolutions to the game, offering users a new layer of strategy and customization, and allowing us to develop our favorite players and creating a truly unique squad that reflects our preferences.

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