Enigma Runeword
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Probably the most sought-after runeword in Diablo II - The Enigma
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Enigma Runeword

Enigma is probably the most coveted and powerful runeword in Diablo 2: Resurrected.
It can be socketed into body armors, and its most notable feature is that it can give any character access to the Sorceress skill Teleport (among other very useful stats).

Before jumping into the details, firstly, here are the runes required for it and all the mods it provides: 

+2 To All Skills
+45% Faster Run/Walk
+1 To Teleport
+(0.75 Per Character Level) +0-74 To Strength (Based on Character Level)
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Damage Reduced By 8%
+14 Life After Each Kill
15% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
+(1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)
The stat that everyone notices immediately is the +1 to Teleport, as this is an “oskill” – meaning that every character class can benefit from this, not just Sorceresses.

Unlocking Teleport as a mobility option is a massive advantage for every caster character that runs with some Faster Cast Rate on their gear, and is, therefore, able to Teleport around decently quickly.
Despite this, the 45% increase to run speed is not useless; it, together with the access to Teleport provides a great boost to mobility in a synergistic package. (Remember, you can’t Teleport around in towns!) 
Alternatively, it makes Enigma a great option for non-caster characters as well, ones that get around quicker on foot due to the lack of cast speed increases or due to already having access to movement speed increases from other sources (Burst of Speed, Natural Speed, etc.)
The importance of the +2 All Skills mod also cannot be overstated. Since skill levels are paramount in D2:R, any chest piece that boasts 2 is a top-tier pick. Notably, increases to all skills also increase the levels of oskills such as Enigma’s own Teleport, and Battle Orders provided by Call to Arms – another very popular piece of equipment.

The next 2 mods in order of importance are the ones that scale with character level. 
Due to how the stat points are normally allocated in Diablo 2, the ~70 strength from this runeword is a massive help in making your character durable. Even though the armor itself doesn’t provide any bonuses to Health, the strength that the user saves by equipping it can instead go straight into Vitality. This could mean anywhere between 120 to 350 HP, depending on the class and level of the user.
The bonus to Magic Find is also very welcome, as the primary goal for most PvE players is finding cool loot. The 80-90 from Enigma makes it incredibly easy to reach the 250-300 mark, where people normally see a notable increase in Unique and Set item drops.
Lastly, the Jah and Ber in the runeword provide an 8% reduction in damage taken and a 5% increase to maximum life. Both of these stats are decently rare on equipment, and very useful – even though the amount we get from 1 of each runes is not huge.

Going through what Enigma offers the player, we will now look into whom it might be useful. The answer, however boring it may sound, is: basically every class.
The most obvious candidates are casters that stack Faster Casting to make great use of Teleport, and also benefit greatly from the +2 All Skills. It is a game-changer for Elemental Druids, Hammerdins, and every Necromancer build.
First, it may sound weird because they already can Teleport, even Sorceresses love running Enigma. This is mostly because firstly the Enigma setup provides more damage than the usual alternative (the combination of Tal Rasha’s Belt, Chest and Amulet), and secondly because it makes it easy to reach the 156 Strength required to equip a Monarch (the only base item through which they can use a Spirit Runeword) with no hard points in it – all the while still giving almost as much Magic Find as a Tal setup.
Other than casters, Enigma is also amazing for Javazons, Trapsins and Barbarians, particularly Pitzerkers. These characters all benefit greatly from the +2 skills and the Strength & MF bonuses, and they either have just enough FCR to Teleport around decently quickly or use the +45% FRW to boost their run speed instead.
For every other build, Enigma is still great – only they may have other preferences due to budget (Uber Smiters) or because they prefer running a Fortitude due to the damage it provides (Bowazons).

All in all, Enigma is considered the best runeword for body armors, and with good reason. While it is relatively expensive due to the 2 High Runes it’s made out of, it is definitely worth it. The only real downside of it is the lack of resistances, which is why some builds have to make do with Chains of Honor or Skin of the Vipermagi as alternatives. Even so, the benefits it carries easily outweigh the mild disadvantage.

Diablo II Resurrected
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