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An article about the best boss farming methods in Diablo II
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Diablo 2: Resurrected (D2:R) is a game played by many different people for many different reasons. However, for most folks, PvE is all about finding interesting, rare, or expensive items. In this article, we’re going to look at what one might expect when going after certain unique, super unique or boss monsters in the hopes of achieving this, and what builds are most suited for this.
    Andariel and Mephisto

First on our list are the Act Bosses from Act 1 and 3 respectively. 
We have paired them together, because they are of a similar difficulty, and they serve a similar purpose as well. They are relatively easy to kill, but their loot pool is not the greatest due to their Treasure Class (TC). TC determines the base items that the given monster has access to, and Mephisto’s 78 and Andariel’s 69 unfortunately prevent them from dropping the rarest and most coveted uniques. This means that among others, we won’t see Tyrael’s Might, Nightwing’s Veil, Griffon’s Eye, Tomb Reaver, Death’s Fathom, Death’s Web, or Tal Rasha’s Guardianship from either of these monsters.
On the other hand, they are great for farming the less elusive, but still immensely useful uniques, such as: Harlequin Crest (Shako), Stone of Jordan, Arachnid Mesh, Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band, Titan’s Revenge, or the pieces of every class set with the exception of their one Elite part.
This is mostly due to the fact that Andy and Meph are both Act Bosses, which means that they have an increased chance of dropping unique and set items compared to any other monster type in the game.

For farming these monsters, we recommend using characters that can Teleport straight to them, skipping everything between the waypoint and the bosses. The reasoning behind this is that both bosses are located at the bottom of a dungeon where the regular monsters aren’t worth killing due to their low level, so it’s much better to save time and get in a few extra boss kills instead of clearing the whole place. 
Sorceresses are ideal for this on a budget, but every caster works well with an Enigma and some investment into Faster Cast Rate. Alternatively, for non-Sorceresses that are desperate to farm their uniques without an Enigma, a magic staff or amulet with Teleport charges works too. (Do keep in mind that repairing amulets costs quite a lot of gold; whereas staves are not only cheaper, but can also be repaired in the Horadric Cube.)

    Diablo and Baal

The two remaining Prime Evils, the Bosses of Act 4 and 5, are next on our list.
They are similar to Andy and Meph in that they also have an increased chance of dropping unique and set items, but there are two notable differences.
Firstly, they are both more difficult to get to and kill, but they also have a higher TC in return. Baal, in particular, sports the highest TC in the game at 87, which means that he can drop every single item. Even Diablo with his 84 is able to reward us with Tal Rasha chestpieces, Nightwings, Trang-Oul belts, and Tomb Reavers. (As a sidenote: there are only 3 monsters in the game that drop Grand Charms able roll up to +45 to Health, 2 of which are Diablo and Baal.)
More importantly, these bosses are both located in Area Level 85 dungeons, which is the highest in the game. What this means is that normal non-magic monsters here are level 85, champions are 87, and uniques are 88. Since the Treasure Class is only different from the monster’s level in the case of Super Uniques (and therefore, Act Bosses), this also means that every monster on the way to Diablo and Baal, that’s at least a champion, can drop every single item in the game. 
This makes it a viable option to not just rush to the bosses themselves, but to clear the entire area as well, or at least the champion+ packs. Chaos Sanctuary (CS) is especially popular for entire runs, as the layout is the same every time, and the lack of Willowisps/Souls make it decently easy compared to Worldstone Keep

The relative difficulty of these runs and the decreased reliance on Teleport results in Sorceresses not exactly being the best for farming Diablo and Baal. In their place, well-built Hammerdins take the top spot, especially for CS runs, where they can Teleport quickly through the River of Flame, and only stop to farm CS itself.
Javazons, Trapsins, and Summoner Necromancers are also solid picks, as they are great at both clearing packs of monsters, and quickly nuking down bosses as well.

    Other notable Super Uniques

Super Unique monsters have a few notable features that make them interesting targets to farm. 
Firstly, their TC is not determined by the level of the area they’re located in, and often this is to our benefit. Shenk the Overseer, for example, drops from a TC of 84, while its area is only level 80.
Moreover, they are always located in the exact same spot, and they are guaranteed to spawn in every game. This makes them reliable farming targets, especially the ones in convenient locations.
One of their modifiers is also set in stone, which makes their immunities fairly predictable. 
Naturally, they are also much easier to kill than Act Bosses, having far less health and damage output.

The 3 most popular ones that are usually bundled together and farmed in the same run are: Eldritch the Rectifier, Shenk the Overseer, and Pindleskin. 
Starting from Act 5, Pindleskin is accessible from the portal to Nihlathak’s Temple (provided that the player hasn’t activated the Waypoint in the Halls of Pain), while both Eldritch and Shenk are located immediately next to the Frigid Highlands Waypoint.
They all have a TC of 84, which makes them able to drop all but the rarest uniques and sets. Although they don’t have the same increased chance to drop said item classes that Act Bosses do, the player can compensate for this by farming them with more Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (MF%) on their equipment, since they’re so easy to reach and kill.
Practically every character is capable of killing these monsters with ease and within minutes, making them a great choice for weaker builds. 
Another Super Unique worth mentioning is Nihlathak. 
Nihlathak doesn’t share the same low difficulty and convenient location of the trio above, but has other upsides instead. 
Firstly, he can drop every item in the game, including Grand Charms with +45 HP. He isn’t an Act Boss, and therefore isn’t the best choice to farm them, it is worth mentioning.
Secondly, he can drop Keys of Destruction, which makes him necessary to farm if someone wants to kill the bosses in Uber Tristram for a Hellfire Torch (or sell the keys for a good price).
Farming Nihlathak all but requires the ability to Teleport, so Sorceresses and Enigma-wearing casters are the best picks here. Another great piece of equipment to have is a Nature’s Peace ring, which prevents him from using his otherwise deadly Corpse Explosion ability.
All in all, running Super Uniques and Act Bosses is a great choice for farming unique and set items; with an MF% of 250-300, players can expect to consistently see brown and green names pop up on their screen.
On the other hand, there are certainly better options for acquiring High Runes or non-magic bases for runewords. This results in great diversity in PvE endgame, as every build and player can find their own niche for getting valuable drops.

Diablo II Resurrected
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